Virtual data integration

RL2, Publisher: Carleton University School of Computer Science Ottawa, Link>


Leopoldo Bertossi


Virtual Data Integration Page 1 Virtual Data Integration Leopoldo Bertossi Carleton University School of Computer Science Ottawa, Canada www.scs.carleton.ca/ ∼ bertossi bertossi@scs.carleton.ca Page 2 Chapter 1: Introduction and Issues Page 3 3 Data in Different Forms There is a large and increasing number of data sources People and companies need to integrate data and the systems that handle that data Data in DBMSs: relational, OO, XML, ... Legacy data in different formats and systems Text files repositories Spread sheets Page 4 4 Data on the Web • Non- and semi-structured data in the WWW: Plain text files, HTML text files, native XML • Organizational databases • Libraries, catalogues, etc. • Data in research repositories: genome databases, scientific databases, environmental databases, etc. • Web services • Semantic Web • Knowledge-Based Systems • Ontologies: Structurally and semantically reach do…

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