We are a research and technology transfer center that works in close collaboration with like-minded foundations and organizations. Please send us an email to vinculacion@cenia.cl and we will contact you to explore possible collaboration opportunities.

If you are interested in getting involved in artificial intelligence research and you are a graduate student, there are five research lines at Cenia where you could apply. Contact Sebastián Martínez at sebastian.martinez@cenia.cl so that he can link you to one of these lines in case they are looking for research assistants.

Cenia is growing and we are always looking for innovative minds to join our challenge of positioning Chile as a reference in Artificial Intelligence. If you want to be part of the vanguard in AI research, communication and/or technological development, send us a message to talento@cenia.cl and join our exciting project!

One of Cenia’s key objectives and differentiators is its engineering service to incorporate AI into enterprises and utilities. A dedicated team of 25 people focuses on language modeling, computer vision, optimization and robotics. Contact transferencia@cenia.cl. This is a paid service.

If you have another reason why you want to contact us and that does not fit the previous options, write to us at info@cenia.cl