Call for Applications: Postdoctoral Fellowship 2022



The National Center For Artificial Intelligence (Cenia) was established in 2021 as a core component of the Chile National Policy for AI. Cenia is the main institution dedicated to AI in Chile, with a mission to be at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation in this field. As a main leading guide, Cenia promotes sustainable and ethical progress, in harmony with the environment and human development. As part of its 2022 development plan, Cenia invites applicants to fulfill four postdoctoral positions in AI and related areas. These positions aim to support the activities of Cenia main research lines (RLs):
RL1. Deep Learning (DL) for Vision and Language: developing new theories and methods to continue unraveling the potential of DL as a main component of an advanced cognitive system, with a focus in NLP and visual recognition.
RL2. Neuro-Symbolic AI: creating bridges between DL and symbolic AI, establishing a synergistic combination between these two lines, in particular, including the ability of the latter to perform logical reasoning and to provide semantic knowledge.
RL3. Brain-Inspired AI: exploring a multidisciplinary collaboration among scientists from neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and AI to study innovative cognitive mechanisms that can illuminate the understanding of AI and human cognition.
RL4. Physics-Informed Machine Learning: exploring a multidisciplinary collaboration among mathematicians, physical, and AI scientists to exploit insights from real-world problems in physical sciences that can motivate conceptual developments in AI.
RL5. Human-Centered AI: creating new technologies to promote a fair, ethical, transparent, and secure use of AI in society as well as to create methodologies to evaluate its impact.
At Cenia, we provide a vibrating scientific environment with strong collaborations among our RLs. In particular, we dedicate a special effort to build a solid organizational culture that guides and inspires the efforts of our members. We also have an extensive list of international collaborations that enrich our research agenda.
Eligibility Criteria: A PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Cognitive Robotics or related areas. Applicants close to finishing a PhD are also welcome. Given our interest to promote gender equality, we specially welcome applications from female candidates.
Benefits: Full-time contract (44 hours/week) for one year extensible to a longer period. Gross monthly salary $2,475,000 CLP (approx. US$3000/month at the time of this call). Access to a rich research environment, excellent facilities and computer resources. Full time dedication to the development of research, with no teaching obligations. Contribution to travel and installation costs would be analyzed in each case. Extra support and sponsorship when applying for complementary funding opportunities from the Chilean government. Further career development as an Associated Researcher of Cenia remains as an open opportunity.
Important Dates: Application process will be open until March 30th, 2022, to start a position as early as possible. Applications will be received after that date depending on the availability of positions.
Application: Applicants should send a CV and a brief letter of intention to
Please direct any questions to

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