Cenia researchers’ paper accepted at IJCAI 2022 conference



wo Cenia researchers and a master’s student from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile are the authors of a paper accepted at the thirty-first edition of the “International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2022” (IJCAI 2022).
Jorge Baier (Cenia research associate), Rodrigo Toro (Cenia junior researcher) and Jaime Middleton (UC Computer Science Department master’s student) worked together to develop the paper entitled “Real-Time Heuristic Search with LTLf Goals”.
Their research addresses for the first time how to solve time-constrained search problems when the search goal is represented in linear temporal logic (LTLf), a very expressive language for representing temporally extended goals. The novelty of this paper lies in the fact that the trio of researchers found a simple, but not obvious, way to integrate these goals into a standard real-time search scheme, which performs well in practice especially when there is little information to guide the search.
Jorge Baier makes an invitation to students who are involved in the area of artificial intelligence: “We researchers at Cenia are publishing our work in the world’s best conferences and we hope that this will attract the best students to work at the center”.
IJCAI 2022 is one of the most impactful conferences worldwide and each year receives thousands of papers seeking to have an impact in their fields of study. On this occasion, more than 4,500 papers were received, of which only 15% were accepted, which represents an enormous recognition for the researchers.

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