Domingo Mery participates in CNN Chile’s report on artificial intelligence

Cenia senior researcher, Domingo Mery, talked to CNN Chile in the report “The dilemma of artificial faces,” which evaluated the perception of Chilean society in the face of computer-generated faces.
The story, which was broadcasted on CNN Chile’s Futuro 360 show on April 26, shows how artificial intelligence is capable of modeling human faces through the deepfake technique. Those surveyed were asked to compare two photographs, one with a real face and the other with an artificially generated one, in order to distinguish which one was fake and select the image they trusted the most.
During his presentation, Domingo Mery explained how the model is taught to replicate photographs through image banks, that is, to generate a new element through real data, a technique called “adversarial networks.”
But the point on which the researcher insisted the most was the use that will be given to this type of technologies, which should be in pursuit of benefiting society: “it is very important that in the training of engineers who learn these artificial intelligence technologies they have a training in ethics, so that what they do later is for the benefit of society and not to harm it,” he concludes.

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