Pamela Guevara organizes and speaks at seminar on medical image analysis

Dr. Pamela Guevara, Cenia associate researcher and member of the research line “Brain-inspired AI”, was in charge of organizing the second seminar “Medical Imaging Analysis 2022.” The event, which took place on Friday, April 29 at the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad de Concepción, was attended by undergraduate students, master’s students, doctoral students and academics.
This seminar was aimed at presenting the Fondecyt project “A method for multiscale parcellation of the cortex based on structural connectivity with application to functional variability and alteration in different clinical conditions.” Dr. Guevara is in charge of this project together with the researchers Dr. Wael El-Deredy and Dr. Cecilia Hernández, in addition to Cenia graduate students Cristóbal Mendoza, Joaquín Molina and Elida Poo.
This work is expected to develop new methods of cortical parcellation. Cortical parcellation is a subdivision of the cerebral cortex into regions (or parcels) with distinctive connectivity between them, given by brain fibers.
“This can be viewed as a graph of brain connectivity, where the parcels are the nodes and the fibers are the edges of the network. We sought to create parcellations that would allow for a multi-scale representation of brain connectivity. The hypothesis is that this type of parcellation will allow a better representation of brain data measured by magnetic resonance imaging, both structural and functional” explains the researcher.
Pamela Guevara is also the founder and leader of the medical image analysis group at the Universidad de Concepción, which has been in existence for ten years and develops medical image analysis methods with a strong computational component.
Link to seminar poster:

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