Cenia Engineer earns her Master’s degree in Engineering Science

Francesca Lucchini, computer science engineer and member of Cenia’s development team, earned her Master’s degree in Engineering Sciences this week, after successfully defending her thesis at the School of Engineering of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.
The Cenia researcher and academic of the DCC UC and the Department of Transport Engineering and Logistics UC, Hans Löbel Díaz, who supported the thesis as supervising professor, also participated in the event.
The project presented by the engineer was entitled “Representation of graphs to quantify the perception of urban spaces,” and studied the effect that structural information has on the prediction of the visual perception that people have of the city of Santiago. “To do this, we used images of geolocated points in the city plus a neighborhood graph that we assembled over these points. We used neural networks of graphs to be able to combine these two data sources. Something interesting that we were able to appreciate in this study in relation to the perception that people have is that it affects the use and enjoyment of the city, so it is crucial for quality urban planning,” explains Lucchini.
“As part of the Cenia team, I think my main contribution would be to incorporate the gender and education perspective in the projects we carry out. I think it is very important to have these concepts in mind when developing and making decisions about artificial intelligence models,” she concludes. In addition to Cenia, Francesca Lucchini also collaborates in a research group at IMFD.

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