Director of Cenia was interviewed for an article on the future of artificial intelligence

Álvaro Soto, Director of Cenia, was interviewed by the newspaper La Tercera for the article “Will Artificial Intelligence become more intelligent than human beings?”, which gathered the opinion of different experts about the progress of artificial intelligence and how far it could go.
The researcher emphasized that, at present, artificial intelligence allows helping people in different tasks and in different areas, providing an opportunity to create new projects in various sectors, including biology, astronomy, health and others. In addition, he added that “the fact that technology allows automating some tasks shows, more than a replacement, an empowerment.”
To illustrate the above, he referred to the case of the retail robot designed by Zippedi, a startup of which Álvaro Soto is co-founder: “we make robots for retail, which every night travel about 1.2 km and review about twenty thousand products, and that is something impossible for humans, and it is that part of collaboration that becomes relevant, in that the machine makes what we have now more productive,” he explained.
For Soto, the expectation that people have of artificial intelligence is highly motivated by movies, but he was emphatic in assuring that, at present, that level of technology does not exist. When asked if technology will ever surpass human beings, the researcher added “we must see this as the development of many technologies, and that is why we must be careful, such as ensuring that this technology has mass access and that it is not something for a few; and the second thing is that it can also be used maliciously, and we must train the population in this,” he concluded.
Read the full article (Spanish) at La Tercera

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