Call Application for Researchers: Artificial Intelligence Postdoctoral Program 2022


The National Center for Artificial Intelligence (CENIA) invites female researchers interested in developing their postdoctoral research to apply to be part of our center. In line with our commitment to actively promote gender equity in artificial intelligence (AI) research, we are calling for female researchers with a PhD degree in any discipline, with previous experience in AI, or who have an interest in redirecting their research towards AI.

The purpose of this position is to support the scientific activities of the center’s main research lines:

RL1 deep learning for vision and language: new theories and methods to continue to unlock the potential of deep learning and create advanced cognitive systems with a focus on vision and language.

RL2 neuro-symbolic AI: integration of logic-probabilistic and deep learning-based AI, mutually invoking each other’s solutions, injecting and using semantics in deep learning.

RL3 AI inspired by brain: bring together scientists from neuroscience, cognitive psychology and AI to integrate knowledge about anatomical structures and cognitive operations of the brain to inspire AI research.

RL4 physics-based machine learning: bring together mathematicians, physicists and AI scientists to exploit knowledge from the physical sciences to develop machine learning models based on causal relationships.

RL5 Human-centered AI: New technologies for a fair, safe and transparent use of AI in society, as well as methodologies to assess its impact on society. Promote new tools for interpretable and explainable AI.

Eligibility criteria:

Applicants must have a Ph.D. degree and research experience. However, no previous experience or training in artificial intelligence is required.


1. Send complete and updated CV

2. Send a statement of interest letter developing at least the following points (maximum 1 page):

  • Describe previous research experience (not necessarily in AI).
  • Explain why you want to focus your research on AI.
  • Indicate which research line(s) you would like to join and with which Cenia researcher(s) you would like to develop your postdoctoral research, justifying this selection.

3. Work proposal (maximum 2 pages)

  • If your doctoral research was developed in the field of AI, describe a research proposal, projecting your work to one or two years.
  • If your doctoral thesis was not on AI topics, describe the points in this thesis that you would like to develop in order to transition from your doctoral research area to AI topics.

4. Indicate the contact information of two persons who are willing to provide a letter of recommendation regarding your academic/scientific performance (name, affiliation and e-mail).


  • Period of training/perfectioning in AI areas for a period of 6 to 12 months, according to work plan to be agreed with each candidate, which may include participation in a Diploma in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Full-time contract (44 hours/week) for one year, extendable to a longer period.
  • Gross monthly salary of $2,475,000 CLP (approx. USD$2,850).
  • Access to a stimulating research environment, excellent facilities, and computing resources.
  • Full-time dedication for the development of the research, without teaching obligations.
  • Extra support and sponsorship when applying for complementary funding opportunities from the Chilean government.

Important information: For particular situations involving part-time, these will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. All documentation required for the application must be sent to as well as any doubts or questions about the position that may arise at the time of application.


We invite you to apply until April 28, 2023





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