Cenia signs alliance with Entel


Through a partnership with the National Center for Artificial Intelligence, the technology and telecommunications company, Entel, is developing computer vision solutions applied to industries, together with Cenia researchers, who are responsible for the main research on AI in the country.

With a commitment to work collaboratively with academia, Entel has entered into a strategic alliance with Cenia to strengthen an ambitious partnership in terms of R+D+i (research, development and innovation), in the search for “contributions” that promote Chile’s development.

“The center has three pillars, and one of them, on which this alliance is based, is technology transfer. Researchers can make a transfer of the state of the art or developments for companies to take advantage of the AI revolution,” says Cenia’s director, Alvaro Soto. In this sense, Goplaceit, Zippedi, NotCo, SimpliRoute and C1DO1, are some of the companies linked to Cenia, and in the specific case of Entel, the work with scientists and experts has focused on projects that have been carried out from Ocean, the digital unit of the technology and telecommunications company, from where pilots have been launched based on applied artificial intelligence and computer vision.

“At Entel, we are constantly working to nurture our strategic alliances, which allow us to generate virtuous relationships, where there is a transfer of knowledge and opportunities to jointly build technological solutions that contribute to the development of the country and have a positive impact on society,” said Carlos Rodriguez, Entel’s Innovation Manager. In turn, Alvaro Soto, said that “for Cenia it is a great opportunity to collaborate with a leading technology company like Entel, where we can contribute to the development and incorporation of new AI technologies to improve their products and services, guided by placing AI at the service of people. This way we fulfill our role of contributing to the technological development of our country and, more importantly, to improve the quality of life of our society and individuals”.

The first results of the partnership with Cenia are expected in the first half of 2023 and work is already underway on new projects aimed at optimizing the organization’s internal processes.

Source: Mundo en línea


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